CHURCH OF TWAIN: Happy Easter breakfast … not

  I have not yet found any reference by Mark Twain to the wonders of
the Easter experience, either the religious or secular versions.

  The religious tradition is well known. It is on Easter Sunday that
Jesus rose and ascended into heaven, but that is only slightly more
miraculous than what takes place nowadays: The great, annual  rising
en masse of the Easter Christians, who return like Capistrano swallows
to churches throughout the world.

  After the service has ended, most of them go to breakfast, where
they are likely to order eggs. Twain, it turns out, did have something
to say about eggs.

  When traveling, in his day by train, the cuisine was, shall we say,
not so haute. Here’s one recipe he remembered:

Eggs a la Canton, Williamsport, Trout Run and Way Stations.
Divest two genuine eggs of shell and claws, being careful to avoid
breaking the same.

"If you break 'em, begin again at the top of the recipe and proceed anew.
Lay the plumage and cackle on one side, roll the remainder very thin,
add baking powder, and boil in a pudding bag over a slow fire for a

"Tie with baby ribbons and serve cold.”

Or you can just eat out.

Happy Easter.