COMING WEDNESDAY: Manteris, the bookmaker with roots in Pittsburgh

  To the outside world bookmakers are like those Easter Island stone idols you see on the Travel Channel: impassive with thousand-mile stares and hearts of granite.

  Emotionally detached, cooler than James Dean. Harder to crack than the vault at Fort Knox; that’s the image they want to project.

  Fortunes shift each time they adjust the point spread. To them the game is more an arithmetic puzzle of probability than a sporting event. The world might cheer while watching the Super Bowl, but the bookmakers remain as calm and calculating as the devil’s own accountant.

  Then came Sunday afternoon and Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, Fla., with the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Arizona Cardinals. About 3,000 miles west of Raymond James Stadium, Station Casinos’ vice president of race and sports book operations Art Manteris was a kid again.

Read it in the Review-Journal Wednesday.

Art Manteris