Recession? Not at club XS, where there’s a $10,000 drink on the menu

  Normally I leave the club writing to our men-about-town, Norm Clarke
and Doug Elfman, but this one is too rich too pass up.

  Quite literally, it’s way too rich for my tastes. At club XS inside
, Steve Wynn, Roger Thomas, and Victor Drai have combined with
managing partners Cy and Jesse Watts to create the latest in ultra
exclusive lounges. It’s hip, it’s now, it’s arty, it’s sexy. It ain’t
no sports bar, cousin. It features 95 VIP tables, 30 VIP cabanas, and
an atmosphere that figures to attract the celebrity elite for years to

  But my favorite feature is called the Ono, a cocktail made with
ritzy Charlie 1981 champagne, and Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black
Pearl cognac.

  And those are the bartender’s cufflinks at the bottom of the glass.
Each Ono comes with a sterling silver cufflink and an 18K white gold
chain with a black pearl pendant and the XS logo.

  The price?

  A cool $10,000.

  I think I’ll stick with my shot-and-a-beer. If I want to upgrade,
I’ll just drop my watch in the glass.