“Fountain Lady”: Now that was quite a splash

Let's get something straight. If there were a mall surveillance camera video clip showing me tripping into a fountain while texting or reading e-mail on my phone, I would never come forward and admit to it.

That's exactly what Cathy Cruz Marrero, aka "The Fountain Lady," did. If you saw the video, you laughed. Maybe you laughed so hard you cried. (Or maybe you just cringed.)

She could have been anonymous: the video, which has gone viral across the Internet, doesn't show her face clearly. Neither angle.

So, why did Marrero admit to being the klutz in the video?

Her motive is becoming clear. She's hired a lawyer and is talking about suing the owner of the Berkshire mall in Wyomissing, Pa.

Huh? Her attorney said he is investigating why this happened. But there’s really no mystery; just watch the video.

He also wants to know why mall security guards didn't come to help Marrero after she fell and how the video got to YouTube.com.

The moral of the story is: Pay attention!

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