A real Who’s Who of local figures

Check out the two pictures below:

(Local attorney Ed Bernstein at the Police and Fire Emerald Society of Nevada Run for the Heroes (top), and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin)

We know what you're thinking: Why couldn't the R-J find pictures of these guys in suits?

Look past the tank-tops, though, and you might recognize an uncanny resemblance between notable local trial attorney Ed Bernstein and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The fit physique. The commanding presence. The penetrating gaze.

But the similarities between the two pretty much end with bone structure. For one thing, Bernstein doesn't wear combat boots (not in public, anyway). And there's absolutely no way you can equate trial attorneys with Eastern European dictators. The dictators are way more likable. Ha! Just kidding, Ed!

Plus, as Bernstein himself said: "I don't have the power."

Bernstein does have an interest in government leadership and a love for politics. He ran for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat in 2000, losing to Republican John Ensign. And at the Nov. 11 opening of Aliante Station, Bernstein told Review-Journal gaming reporter Howard Stutz that he'd consider a run for Las Vegas mayor. That was before current Mayor Oscar Goodman said he might seek a fourth term, though. Bernstein said Thursday that he won't "thoroughly consider" a run until Goodman makes a decision.

So how might his governing style differ from Putin's?

"I would be fair," he said. "I would care about human rights and capitalism and democracy."

Oh, snap! Take that, Vlad!

Bernstein's not the only prominent local business figure with a well-known doppelganger. Consider Steve Wynn and John Walsh, host of "America's Most Wanted." Or disgraced local tech entrepreneur Junior Johnson, whose blond mane mimics the towheaded mop of disgraced golfer John Daly. Or even Palms owner George Maloof, who, in one high school photo, looks more than a little like movie heart throb Jake Gyllenhaal. Not to mention a couple of other, shall we say, striking comparisons between local casino execs and famous, fictional movie characters.

Readers, care to nominate some of your own favorite local look-alikes?

(Wynn Las Vegas owner Steve Wynn (bottom) and "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh)
(Fallen local high-tech entrepreneur Charles "Junior" Johnson (top) and pro golfer John Daly.)
(Palms owner George Maloof's high school shot (bottom) and movie star Jake Gyllenhaal)