Remarkable resemblances and a warning from Radio Free UNLV

As the famous philosopher Marx once said, “I resemble that remark.” That’s Groucho Marx, of course.

The topic of resemblances has come up a couple of times in the past few weeks.austin-pix-copy2

First, when I wrote about various topics relating to UNLV — campus protest rally over budget cuts and a proposed speech, to be specific — some wag remarked on the resemblance of me — in my gray 5X beaver Comstock brand hat and my handlebar moustache — to the UNLV mascot Hey Reb, who too sports a gray hat and rather impressive ’stache.

Then my little brother Joe sends me a photo he took of the May Day parade in Austin, Texas, remarking on the resemblance of a fellow in a white hat to his favorite brother. I quickly replied that I’d not be caught dead in such a parade, and he answered that he thought perhaps I was a double agent.

In my Sunday column I used the occasion of the aforementioned speech code, which lists all the attributes of those against whom bias must not be aimed, to again remark on resemblances.

Those who may not be besmirched conveniently includes race, ethnicity, sex, military status, physical appearance, which includes style of dress and grooming, which covers hair style and beards. No mention of lip hair, but I assume beards covers that.

I observed, “So, there'll be no frivolous comments about aging, overweight, gray-haired white male veterans with handlebar moustaches and a proclivity for hats and boots.

“I'm talking about the Rebels' mascot, of course.”

Now we conclude this oblique attempt at defending the free speech of all minorities, including minorities of one, with an episode of Radio Free UNLV: