Ring, ring -- Hold the phones!

You just might be a geek if:
The phone hanging from your belt on your right hip gets a call from the phone you're carrying in your left front pocket.

That's exactly what happened to me the other day, as I was crouching to pick up a heavy item at a local big-box store. As I was practicing the "lift-with-your-legs" maneuver, my iPhone started ringing. A quick glance at the screen showed the call coming from "Al work cell," which I found odd, but instinctively answered.


There was silence.

Yep, I'd called myself. Left pocket to right hip. For the record, there was no conversation. Just a chuckle from a passer-by.

Next time, I'll leave that work BlackBerry in the car. I rely on it for our secure work e-mail and forward all incoming calls to that number to my iPhone so I won't miss any.

Heck, I may just avoid some.