Some tax help for laid-off taxpayers

Tax season is tough enough for most folks, even under the best of circumstances. The stress and expense involved in filing federal returns become harder still to manage for the unemployed.

So one local tax accountant wants to offer a helping hand. During the week of Jan. 19, Liberty Tax Service in Las Vegas will hold its Displaced Workers Appreciation Days. First-time customers who were laid off and collected unemployment in 2008 need bring only their 1099G form or an unemployment-check stub to Liberty's offices at 2413 S. Eastern Ave. or 3319 S. Maryland Parkway, and the tax service will waive return-preparation fees.

"Our economy has suffered a staggering loss of jobs causing financial stress among our friends, family and neighbors," Randall Brody, owner of Liberty Tax Service, said in a statement. "This is a service we provide to those facing enough hardship because of job loss and adversity at a time they certainly are focusing on other issues in their lives."

Brody also noted that job-searching expenses might be tax-deductible, especially if you're seeking work in your current profession and can file a Form 1040.