The thugs have won when we surrender our constitutional rights

It's official, we no longer live in a civilized nation ruled by constitutional rights with liberty and justice for all.

Nope, we now now live in a thugocracy. The thugs rule the streets and the hallowed halls of justice echo with an emptiness.

The district attorney in Albany, N.Y., has asked the media to not publish or broadcast the names of witnesses in a murder trial lest they be intimidated. And the media are complying.

"As you aware, there are issues with witness intimidation," Assistant District Attorney David Rossi was quoted in the Times Union as telling reporters. "If we start seeing names in the (media) on day one, I think it's going to make it difficult to have witnesses on the stand on day two and three."

The newspaper's editor, Rex Smith, said the newspaper would try to comply with the district attorney's request for the duration of the trial, should it be convinced that children's safety would be compromised.

There goes the Sixth Amendment guarantee of "the right to a speedy and public trial ..."

The lawless elements have won. Cower in your homes. It is High Noon and the sheriff just left town.

Yes, that's Thomas Mitchell, the town's mayor, sitting in church.