Welcome to Tidbits

I've been away from the blogosphere for a couple of years. Back then I knew very little about this corner of the Net, but did a self-taught crash-course to prepare for a presentation on blogging to the Las Vegas Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. I learned quite a bit in the course of a few days, then took off with a blog on the subject of blogging, which can only go so far.

I was happy to learn several members of my audience started blogs of their own after learning just how easy it can be pulled off, and they are still at it. I, on the other hand, turned into a blah-ger, and felt I had exhausted the topic. I never said farewell back then, but I will say I'm happy to be back.

This blog will touch on all sorts of things that cross my paths. I'll share Web sites, ideas, trends, new stuff, old stuff and just about anything you'd expect from someone covering the Internet and all things related to the use of bandwidth and our ever-growing digital lives. This includes photos, music, videos, documents and whatever else translates into ones and zeros -- or is that 1's and 0's?

I look forward to having a way to get the word out more than once weekly, although I plan to continue my Online Guy column that runs in the Tuesday editions of the R-J and online here, and other places. Chances are this forum will be another place for me to get column ideas, and I expect to hear from you, too. Use the comments feature. I'll be back often to check, and to add more posts. I won't promise daily updates here, but I'll my best to keep this place active and ever-growing. You'll see new items from me here several times a week.

Let's get started.