Harrison has visions of Broadway

Taking the “Pawn Stars” to Broadway is Rick Harrison’s ultimate score, but for now he’s just happy to be putting people to work.

“It’s fun and puts more people to work, and I’m a big believer in that,” said Harrison, the financial backer behind “Pawn Shop Live!”

“People with money should help put people to work,” he added. “You know what: I believe what’s 100 times better than charity is giving a person a job.”

Derek Stonebarger, producer of the spoof which makes its home in the 600-seat Golden Nugget showroom, said Harrison “definitely” has his eyes on Broadway.

“It’s near and dear to his heart,” Stonebarger said. “Who knows, the No. 2 largest audience (for the runaway hit reality show) is New York City. It wouldn’t surprise me if (‘Pawn Shop Live!’) took a tour at some point.”

The Broadway-style parody, which opened 10 days ago, is focusing on ticketing “kinks” and toying with a later starting time, maybe 5:30 p.m., Stonebarger said.

He remains convinced the audience is there and “the sky’s the limit” once they smooth out ticket broker connections.

“This is a niche show, and our niche is pretty big,” Stonebarger said.

About 5,000 people a day walk through the door of Gold &Silver Pawn, home of the “Pawn Stars,” he added.

“That’s a good base right there. Business hours at the pawn store are from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. And 6-something-million (TV) viewers a week love it.”

Harrison said he got involved after “one of the guys that works with me says someone on Craig’s List is doing a parody of ‘Pawn Stars.’ And I’m going like (pause) the first thought in my head was, ‘What! That’s B.S.,’ and my next thought was, ‘I can make money off this.’ ”

“So we called ’em up and they were great guys, had a great script. I thought it was funny, and before you know it we had a deal together. They were going to put it in a small place off the Strip and I said, ‘Let’s get it into a hotel, and I’ll do what it takes to get it done.’

“I put up the money, and Derek put up all the brains and a lot of hard work.

“Golden Nugget has been a great partner so far. I just like helping out Vegas. This is my hometown. I love this town. There is no town in the world like Vegas.”


Jim Snyder and Jessica Moore, the evening co-anchor team at NBC affiliate KSNV-TV, Channel 3, on Saturday confirmed their August marriage was annulled in November.

Paired as anchors in the spring of 2012, two years after her arrival from Louisville, Ky., Snyder and Moore were married Aug. 24 in an elaborate ceremony at a 19th century winery in Northern California.

When I left a voice mail asking Snyder to address the rumor, he responded by saying Moore would be sending a “mutual statement.”

Moore’s email read: “With shared sadness we can confirm that our marriage was annulled late last year.

“In the months since, we have chosen to go through this transition in our personal lives privately.

“Our professional partnership remains as strong as ever. We still care for each other very much, and look forward to working as a team every night for many years to come.”

Their courtship was marked by a series of grand romantic gestures, from their first ride (to Red Rock Canyon in his white 1968 convertible Pontiac Firebird) to a sunset proposal (from a suite at Red Rock Resort with 100 white roses at their feet).

The wedding took place in a cave where monks started the Testarossa Winery in 1888. Moore’s 3-carat wedding ring was surrounded by 52 smaller diamonds.

Snyder admitted to having a hopeless romantic streak. It surfaced early in the relationship when he gave Moore a promise ring in the shape of a Firebird emblem on her 30th birthday.

“It’s something from days gone by,” he said at the time, referring to the ring. “She knows I have to do things a little creative and different.”


Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, picking up the tab for 20 teammates at STK (Cosmopolitan) before heading to Marquee nightclub where they had V.I.P. tables next to members of the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots. Earlier Friday, Sherman and safety Kam Chancellor grabbed lunch at Cabo Wabo Cantina at Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood Resort. Also at STK: comedians David Spade and Kevin Farley and, at another table, TV personality Mario Lopez. ... About 20 Hall of Famers attended Saturday’s rededication ceremony of the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame at Findlay Toyota in Henderson. This year’s induction ceremony will take place May 30 at the Orleans Arena. The Class of 2014 will be announced in March. ... Carmen Carrera, the transgender burlesque star in “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” partying at Share Nightclub with the show’s cast after Friday’s show at House of Blues (Mandalay Bay).


“There are 12 new events in this year’s Winter Olympics, 12. The new events include women’s ski jumping, luge-team relay, and finding a working toilet.” — Conan O’Brien

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