Battle for Nevada Hispanics turns up a notch

The battle for Hispanic voters in Nevada intensified today on both the left and the right, with the launch of a new commercial supporting President Barack Obama and the kickoff of a conservative effort to kick him out of office.

Obama's re-election campaign released a new Spanish-language television ad,  with variations airing in Nevada, Colorado and Florida.

In the 30-secord Nevada ad,  Ernesto Apreza, an Obama field organizer in the state, tells viewers in Spanish that "The president has done a lot to fight for Latinos.  That drive is something that the Latino community understands."

Over B-roll of auto workers and construction workers wearing hard hats, Apreza says Obama  "saved the auto industry," got the stimulus bill passed, "and he created more jobs."

For Hispanic voters who may believe Obama has not fixed the economy,  Apreza acknowledges "the recovery is slow, but there is recovery...for the people that really need it the most."

Meanwhile, conservative activists introduced "Nevada Hispanics" at the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce.  The group intends to reach out to the grassroots with a message that Obama has broken faith with Hispanics on the economy.

American Principles in Action, which has strong ties to the social conservative movement,  says it is putting as much as $1 million behind local conservative Hispanic leaders who plan to organize community meetings and visits to supermarkets and churches.

Organizers say the effort will focus initially on Clark County, where a concentration of Latino voters make it a key demographic in the elections for president and for U.S. Senate.