Governor creating working group on stimulus money

Gov. Jim Gibbons has announced he's creating a "working group" of executive branch agencies to look at how to use the monies provided by the federal stimulus bill, formally known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Legislative Counsel Bureau was invited to participate, but declined. In a response distributed by the governor's office, LCB Director Lorne Malkiewich tells Mendy Elliott, the governor's deputy chief of staff, that the two legislative fiscal analysts don't have time to participate.

Legislative committees have already been examining the provisions of the stimulus bill, and there may be friction between the two approaches as this process continues.

Here's the press release from the governor's office, which specifies which agencies are in the group:



Carson City - Governor Jim Gibbons today announced the formation of a special Stimulus Package Working Group to provide coordination regarding the technical details of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), informally called the Stimulus Package.

“The stimulus dollars must be used create jobs and kick-start the economic recovery,” Gibbons said, “These economic issues are so important and so complex, and the bill itself is equally complex. I want to make sure we have the technical input we need from the agencies that will primarily be overseeing stimulus funds.”

The Stimulus Package Working Group will be made of representatives from the Governor’s Office, the State Budget Office, the Department of Training and Rehabilitation (DETR), the Department of Education, the Nevada Department of Transportation, the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Department of Business and Industry’s Housing Division, the Governor’s Energy Office, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Nevada’s Washington D.C. Office. Representatives from the Legislative Counsel Bureau were invited to be part of the working group, but declined (see attached response).

The Stimulus Package Working Group will be responsible for ensuring that the various elements of the ARRA will be implemented in a manner that will allow Nevada to take full advantage of Stimulus Package funds. The Group will delve into the details and finer points of the Stimulus Package to make sure Nevada follows all guidelines and meets all deadlines for these critical funds.

LCB Response (pdf)