Reid gets subpoena in Blagojevich case

Sen. Harry Reid is being pulled into the federal corruption trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting the Senate majority leader has been subpoenaed by Blagojevich lawyers. Reid spokesman Jim Manley confirmed it to the paper, adding, "This does not mean that Senator Reid will testify at trial."

Blagojevich stands accused of various charges of corruption, including the allegation he solicited bribes as he weighed who to appoint to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant when Barack Obama became president.

He was arrested in December 2008, and later was removed from office by the Illinois state Senate.

Reid entered the picture when it was reported he had spoken with Blagojevich about the upcoming appointment in a telephone conversation early that month.

Reid has said the call was routine in nature. There was a published report at the time he tried to pressure Blagojevich on whom to appoint, but Reid insisted that was false.