Republicans hit Horsford as one of ‘most corrupt’ Democratic candidates

Nevada Sen. Steven Horsford is the target of a new attack by a national Republican campaign group that named him one of the 10 “most corrupt” Democratic candidates running for Congress. (Read Horsford's reply)

The National Republican Congressional Committee plans to launch its campaign on Wednesday with a YouTube video detailing several scandals Horsford has been involved in during the past couple of years.

Horsford is the GOP campaign committee’s first target with nine more to come.

The video notes Horsford was once caught by a local TV station parking in a handicapped space, an incident he apologized for.

Horsford also has been criticized for taking a junket to the Bahamas paid for by Pokerstars, which was lobbying lawmakers for its online poker business.

The Senate majority leader also got in hot water for sending letters to potential donors, promising access to himself in exchange for campaign contributions. He ended the effort, saying it was a mistake.

"Horsford wants to bring his above-the-law mentality to Washington so that his political paybacks can reach an even more appalling scale," said Paul Lindsay, communications director for the Republican campaign committee. "Blatantly violating the rules that everyone else is expected to follow is what Horsford knows best. It's time to stop him now before he takes his unethical playbook to Washington."

Horsford is running for Nevada’s new 4th Congressional District, which covers his North Las Vegas community in Clark County as well as parts or all of six rural counties, covering nearly half of the state.

He’s competing against Danny Tarkanian, a Republican who has run for office three previous times and has gained a strong following in rural Nevada and among members of the conservative tea party movement.

Horsford is favored, mostly because he has a nine percentage point advantage among registered Democratic voters over Republicans in the district.

But Tarkanian is well known because of his long family ties in Southern Nevada. Polls he has paid for have shown him leading in the race.

His father is famed University of Nevada, Las Vegas, basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian. His mother is Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian.

The video, after detailing the scandals, ends by saying: “Nevadans deserve a candidate that plays by the same rules they do. Nevadans deserves better than Steven Horsford.”