Adventure to the Final Four (Part 1)

This adventure began almost a year ago. Soon after the National Championship game in April 2012 and after we listened to the police scanner in Lexington as "celebrating" Kentucky fans burned couches from their front porches and shot bullets into the air, I went to and entered the lottery for tickets to the 2013 Final Four in Atlanta. 
Basically you give them your credit card information and tell them how many tickets and the price level you would like, they charge your card up front and then approximately three months later, they send you an email telling you if you got the tickets or not. If not, they refund your card. This has happened to me two previous times, but this time, August 2012, I got the email that I had indeed won the lottery to purchase tickets to the Final Four for 2013. Talk about excited!! Right away I tweeted that information out (big surprise, I know!) and started planning the trip.

I booked a hotel right away before the hotels realized it was kind of a big weekend and jacked their rates up. I frequently checked plane fares and specials and booked a flight for me and my youngest daughter as soon as I found a good one. My two older children were on their own, but they, too, managed to get their flights booked.

Then we had to wait to see who we would be watching play that weekend.

We would soon realize that it would not be our beloved Runnin' Rebels. Oh well. Life goes on. Hey, we're still going to the Final Four! Maybe some other team we like would be there. Anyone but Duke is fine with me! 
Fast forward to last weekend when we got our answers. Louisville, Wichita State (where did they come from?), Syracuse and Michigan were the big winners to make the trip to Atlanta. After checking the RJ Betting Line, Louisville is the clear favorite to win it all, then Michigan, Syracuse and, finally, Wichita State.

I don't have a clear favorite, but growing up as a child in upstate NY, most of my family are Syracuse fans so I will be leaning towards them ... although you always have to love the underdog, Wichita State.
So the adventure is finally here (we leave on Friday) and you can read all about it here in my blog. I'll make sure I take some pictures also. 

Talk to you soon and GO REBELS! I mean, GO ORANGE!