Goodbye AB - The Beast

Anthony Bennett's press conference today was NOT an April Fool's joke. Bennett and his coach of one year, Dave Rice, sat at UNLV as Anthony announced that he was leaving college for the NBA. This should not have surprised anyone. Although some hoped he would be back for a sophomore year, sometimes the dream just pulls you in and takes you. This is Anthony's dream and the dream of many other young men playing college basketball. They want to go to the next level. They want to make the cash. They want to live the dream!

Anthony said that although he will never wear a UNLV uniform again, he will always be a Runnin' Rebel. He mentioned several times how much he was going to miss his teammates and his coaches. He also said that he learned how to be a better player and a better man in his short time here. Anthony was very emotional during the press conference. You can watch it here

UNLV has not had a first round draft pick since Marcus Banks in 2003. We have never had a freshman come in from high school and leave after one year.  It is very helpful to UNLV for recruiting when you get such high quality players.

Bennett played high school ball across town at Findlay Prep and hails from Ontario, Canada. He wants to take care of his family and declaring for the NBA Draft was the best decision for him.  I know other Rebel fans will join me to wish him the best of luck. I can't wait to watch the draft and see where he will be playing.

THANK YOU AB!! We will miss the dunks and the flexing!!