Ann Romney 'out of touch'; Huma Abedin a 'hero' -- go figure

Something is dreadfully wrong with the progressive wing in America when Ann Romney, who raised a model family, is called "out of touch" and Huma Abedin, who is aiding a serial pervert, is hailed as a "hero."

Somewhere along the line, we've mixed up tolerance and forgiveness with some kind of system that is completely devoid of accountability. It is a perversion in an of itself and no where is it more clearly represented than in the current Democratic Party.

What other organization would tolerate the sexual predatory habits of its leaders without so much as a peep. (I'll expand on this in Sunday's column.)

In the meanwhile, behold a liberal mind that can call Ann Romney "out of touch" because "she's never worked a day in her life" then turn around and portray Huma Abedin, the shell-shocked wife of Anthony Weiner, as a "hero." Or, as the Washington Post's Sheila Weller wrote: “Two cheers for the beleaguered Huma Abedin." Two cheers for what -- enabling a serial pervert and sexual predator the opportunity to stay in the race for New York City mayor?

Something is dreadfully wrong.