Common sense: The real people, Obama disconnect

For yet another clear example of how out of touch the Obama administration is from real life in America, click here.

You will see that after extensive public outcry, the ObamaDopes withdrew an attempt to apply child labor laws to the children who live and work on family farms.

Family farms? Child labor laws? Can you imagine the thought process that thinks that kind of rule makes any sense at all? Only from the Obama administration. It is no wonder Americans disdain this expression of American government at work. Zero common sense.

Because of the outcry and, of course, the upcoming Obama re-election campaign, the administration says it will not pursue this rule for the remainder of the Obama administration. I'm not sure I believe that, unless that promise is in reference only to the first administration. If Obama get's re-elected, he'll be unchained to do these kinds of things (and more).