Dems in worst shape in 50 years

Exactly why the public has turned on President Barack Obama and the Democrat brand is a topic for dinner tables, taverns and bloggers in every corner of America.

No question Team Obama fumbled just about every ball thrown to them in their first year.

The War on Terror has been totally mishandled by this administration, making us all less safe.

But perhaps the key is the clear truth that in the face of a recession, a time in which virtually every American suffered, this administration tried to use the misery for political gain. Instead of trying to fix the problem, Obama tried to impose his radical agenda -- take over banking, GM and health care. This is not an arguable point, by the way. Obama's chief of staff said, admitted it when he said that this was a time to get on their agenda because you never want to waste a crisis. Remember that?

There are other character factors, not the least of which is Obama's penchant to say one thing and do another -- Gitmo, "transparency", C-Span, earmarks, etc, etc, etc.

But I'd like to hear yours. Why is it that Obama and the Democrat brand is in the worst shape in 50 years. Take a look at this piece from Michael Barone, one of the true bells in politics these days, and get back to me. What is happening to Democrats these days is nothing short of a stunning reversal. I'd like to hear your thoughts about it.