In Desai debacle, where were Las Vegas' good doctors?

This morning, we wake up to the news of more fallout from the Dr. Dipak Desai case, a most disturbing development within the Las Vegas medical community.

A jury has reached out to an insurance carrier in the case and awarded three victims $24 million in damages. The lawyer in the case will ask for the court to award $1 billion more in punitive damages.

We can argue all day whether such awards are over the top or not. But no one can argue that what the Desai case represents is a black eye to health care in Las Vegas. His assembly-line procedures designed to line his pocket at the expense of his patients goes way beyond the threshold of good procedure.

There's no question in my mind that Dr. Desai was an exception to the rule in Las Vegas, which supports many excellent doctors some of whom are on par with the best regional facilities in the West.

What bothers me, however, is where were these good doctors, insurance carriers, etc. when Desai for years was employing "blow-and-go" medicine? His shoddy techniques were known to many in the medical community. And, if my sources are correct, there are more medical practices out there that put speed in front of patient care.

Isn't it time for the good doctors of Las Vegas to stand up and say "enough"? Publicly expose these factory doctors, establish best practices, and reform the good name of medicine in Las Vegas.

I don't think I'm off base on this, am I?