EBK's amazingly clumsy entrance

For a candidate that is so neatly packaged by the Democratic Party to challenge Republican Joe Heck in his vulnerable congressional race, Erin Bilbray-Kohn's entrance into the race this week was spectacularly clumsy.

First, she doesn't even live in the district. Although the lines were recently moved and you don't technically have to live in the district you seek to represent, you'd think she'd tidy that up just to prevent that from becoming any kind of an issue.

Second, she's supposed to be a "political trainer" (whatever that entails) and she gets on KNPR this morning and rather glibly says that "I didn’t jump the border, the border jumped me." Besides, she says, this is still her home district because she still gets her hair cut there.

Yikes! Talk about handing the opposition a built-in campaign ad, complete with audio. I hope that when she trains candidates, she trains them to have a better answer to non-residency than that.

She also seems unprepared to talk about issues without sounding like, well, just a little silly. Consider her response on KNPR today in which she dropped this sound bite when asked about higher education: "Do I feel that it is an absolute right for people to be able to attend college? Yes I do. If you are a good student, ambitious, and doing well, you should be able to get a student loan that you can afford.”

Good luck, EBK, in explaining how that works. Sounds like she's running for class president and vowing to bring back the Coke machines.

But my biggest reservation with this candidate so far is her entry into the race saying that Washington is the problem with Las Vegas' economy. I happen to agree with her, but she doesn't have a single cloudy word to say about the policies of President Barack Obama.

C'mon, EKB, if you want to be an interesting candidate worthy of attention, get real about what's ailing this economy. It's tricky, I know, for someone packaged by the establishment to bite the establishment, but running against Washington without criticism of the president just isn't going to fly.

Ask somebody in the district next time you get a hair cut.