Everyone is so stupid, my precious ...

Another trademark column from political writer Jon Ralston. The theme that runs through the body of his work is on full display: "I am so smart, everyone else is so stupid. Listen to me. Please. Hello? Anyone out there?"

This morning he writes in the Sun (which is inside the Review-Journal thereby giving him his best opportunity to embarrass himself) about the Tea Party folks who protested yesterday in Carson City. They are OK as far as people go, but they probably don't even know what they are mad about, he says.

Compared to the legislators who usually roam Carson City, "the Tea Partyers are real, without pretensions, delusions or haughtiness. And on a proportional basis, I am not sure which group is more confused about public policy."

But Jon Ralston does. He's not confused because he's smarter than the whole Tea Party movement and the Nevada Legislature. He's smarter than everyone and he possesses the one ring to rule them all, my precious.

No wonder this snarkasaurus can't find an audience.