Horse tripping -- let's make everyone feel good

The Clark County Commission in Las Vegas has itself all tangled up in the mother of political correctness -- to allow or not to allow events that feature people roping horses by the legs and then tripping them.

It started with the red-paint animal rights crowd convincing the commission to ban the act.

Then the state Legislature's Hispanic Caucus "expressed disappointment," as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, because horse tripping/roping is an important feature of a Mexican rodeo. In fact, the Mexican Federation of Charreria USA wants to hold events in Las Vegas.

It's all a bundle of liberal-minded sensitivity that apparently now will be solved by reconsidering the county ordinance against horse tripping and adopting the language of Nevada law that allows the roping of horses' legs and then releasing the rope just before the horse trips and falls. (Please, call it "horse roping" now.)

I am not sure how much sense that makes with purists of the Mexican rodeo sport, but then this isn't about making sense, is it? This is about making people feel good no matter how much Alice-In-Wonderland double-speak the county commission has to engage in to do it.

Let us remember, the Clark County Commission allows the National Finals Rodeo to be held each year in Las Vegas with events that feature all kinds of events that involve people, ropes and falling animals.

But that's a horse of different color.