Horsford did not 'walk out' on Benghazi family

In response to this blog item about Democrats allegedly walking out when family members of victims of Benghazi were about to address the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Tim Hogan of Rep. Horsford's office responds:

"Representative Horsford did not 'walk out' during Benghazi testimony. He was unable to attend the hearing due to conflicting obligations (other hearings, votes, constituent meetings) like many of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee Republicans who were also unable to attend. He has reviewed all the testimony and reports, and has participated in previous hearings on Benghazi. Rep. Horsford takes his committee assignment seriously and will continue to ask tough questions on all the issues, including NSA transparency, IRS targeting, and improving U.S. embassy security in Benghazi and elsewhere."

Hogan says that "Also, our office does not hang up on anyone." That comes in response from Las Vegas talker Alan Stock who this morning said when his scheduler talked with Horsford's office about getting the Nevada representative on the air, Horsford's office hung up on him.

This is the kind of thing that usually can't be proven one way or the other. For me, if Horsford said he didn't ... then he didn't.