HuffPo learns the hard way

Believe me when I tell you that I take no — zero — joy in pointing this out.

Despite its liberal bent that has led it to cheerlead President Barack Obama and Democrats into enacting Obamacare, the so-called “Affordable Care Act” now comes to bite the people at the Huffington Post on the butt — right where they keep their wallet.

The Huffington Post was recently sold to AOL.

The CEO of AOL announced that it is trimming back its employee retirement benefits because of — and this comes from the HuffPo report about it — “new costs incurred by President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.”

You can read the details here.

I am sorry the people at HuffPo have to learn the truth about Obamacare the hard way. But what they need to know now is that more pain is yet to come.

Later this year it is going to become abundantly clear that the construct of Obamacare will lead private businesses to the point of dumping employees onto the exchanges. When that happens, liberal minded employees won’t have their companies to kick around when it comes to sky-high health insurance costs. They can blame the federal government, for all the good that will do.

That doctor you liked. That plan that you liked. All gone.

If HuffPo wants to be an important news organization, it will digest these new changes and start shouting from the rooftops that Obamacare needs major retooling or outright dismantling.

It’s bad for the country. It is horribly miscalculated; poorly thought out. It does not achieve the goals promised.

But something tells me that HuffPo isn’t going to do that. And that’s a shame.

PS: I will be writing more on this topic as it relates to this week’s new CBO analysis that shows Obamacare will suck the wind out of the economy. Join me Sunday for what will be an excellent, fair report and a lively discussion to follow.