Obama looks to Clinton's proven ability to lie

In the political drawer labeled "Wait, What?" comes the news that Team Obama will lean on the Bill Clinton legacy at the Democratic convention in Charlotte.

It is hoped the former president can, according to CNN, "starkly lay out the differences in the economic policies of the two parties and describe why Obama is the best choice."

And, if anybody can lie to the American people with a straight face, it is Bill Clinton. Remember this oldie but a goody: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"? Honest Bill Clinton later was found guilty of perjury on another matter and lost his privilege to practice law.

But other than that, he's completely believable. When he says Obama's better for the economy than Romney, he means it. Would he lie about a thing like that?

PS: Sources tell me that women will be encouraged NOT to wear blue dresses to the nomination.