Obamacare: Classic FUBAR

For those of us who have been in the armed forces, the military term FUBAR precisely describes the nightmare that has become Obamacare -- an operation hopelessly screwed up by the brass.

I don't need to repeat the problems that exist with the website. We read stories about them daily. They are not "glitches" and they won't be fixed soon. From Hawaii to Nevada, Obamacare was launched so poorly it may be well into 2014 before the site works.

But why? How in the world did it get this messed up? Meagan McArdle of Bloomberg takes a stab at explaining and the blame goes right to the  top.

"The administration delayed writing major rules until after the 2012 election, because it didn’t want to give Republicans any ammunition for their campaign." In other words, if people began to hear the specifics of his unpopular law, Obama would have been hurt at the voting booth. So, he valued his political skin more than the good of the people.

Would the president actually play politics with the lives of children and the health care of families? Oh, I don't know. Would this president push down 90-year-old veterans trying to visit World War II memorial?

I think he would. I think he has.

Classic FUBAR.