Standing up for Las Vegas

Because of his, shall we say, prickly personality and hard-line support of conservative causes, Sheldon Adelson's probably not the best guy to challenge President Obama's vilification of corporate travel to Las Vegas.

But, you know, if our Democratic rabbits in Washington won't do it, Sheldon will have to do.

Says Sheldon to President Obama: "If you are going to vilify Las Vegas because it's a great place to go, let's vilify all 30 states that legalized gaming... What's the implication here? That the government on taxpayer money will only allow people to go to places where they will not enjoy themselves, where they are going to hate it."

Go, Sheldon, go! Besides being exactly right, it indicates Adelson has a sense of humor, which heretofore had escaped me.

If Las Vegas is out, then to a lesser degree so should Honolulu, Maimi, Chicago, San Diego, San Franscico, Denver and any other "fun" city you can name. Where then shall junkets and corporate meeting go to not escape criticism from President Obama -- Kingman?

You can read Adelson's full rant here.