Stop mortgaging the grandkids

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country ... and oppose President Barack Obama's debt uber alles budget in its tracks.

Under the guise of a federal financial emergency, the Administration proposes a budget that restructures energy, education and health care at the expense of the economic safety of this generation, the next generation and the generation after that.

I am sorry to say, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid is a willing accomplice. Today, Reid said he's willing to enact 'Bam's health care legislation with a procedural maneuver that would block an opposition filibuster. It's this kind of hurry-up Marxist tactic legislation lead by Harry Reid that produced a massive spending bill no one could read and we now find out was filled with bad, self-serving stuff, including the protection of AIG bonuses. Now is the time for all Nevadans to tell Harry that if he proceeds to enact a budget that increases debt, he does so at his personal re-election peril.

And, please, don't try to excuse this irresponsible budget by saying that President Obama and Democrats "inherited" the debt from Bush. This is 'Bam's new proposed debt that doubles-up on Bush's debt. We simply can't afford it unless the Reid/Pelosi government is willing to tax us all at 90% like AIG executives. And, believe me, you can bet they are thinking about it.

When I get a chance, in a future post, I'll delve into the Obama health care tax plan. If you thought the working poor and middle class were not going to pay plenty extra to the government under President Obama, wait until you see how he plans to tax the daylights out of union health-care plans. Every cop, firefighter, teacher and Culinary worker is about to see big, big bucks exit their paychecks.

UPDATE — As a sidebar to the Obama way health care debate, get a load of this story out of Chicago that speculates whether actress Natasha Richardson might have lived had her skiing accident happened in the United States instead of under Canadian health care procedures.


Chicago Tribune story.