An ugly close to 2013 for President Obama

As we predicted in an earlier blog, President Barack Obama will continue to sink in the eyes of the public — his unpopularity driven by what the media is finally now calling “The Lie Of The Year.”

That, of course, is the president’s infamous quote: “If you like your plan; if you like your doctor, you can keep them. Period.”

According to a new Washington Post/ABC poll released yesterday, Obama’s popularity stands at 43%. Of all the post-World War II presidents at the end of their fifth year of presidency, the only other president worse was … wait for it … Richard Nixon.

So let us make another bold prediction: President Obama’s unpopularity has not hit rock-bottom. That’s because what primarily drives his bad karma is not “The Lie Of The Year,” but what “The Lie Of The Year” was about — ObamaCare.

This brutal, inept law now unfolds and all the president and Democrats can do about it is delay bits and pieces of it to put off one political consequence or another. By early fall the big pieces of ObamaCare will take effect.

And it will be his fault. He surely will try to blame it on “obstructionist” Republicans. Or, the Tea Party. Or, Bush. He may as well blame it on global warming. It’s not going to wash.

He owns his law. He lied to sell it. Now the bell tolls, and …