A wolf by the ears

I tuned in to listen to Nancy Pelosi's regular Thursday media briefing (I do this so you don't have to). I was struck once again by the Big Government crowd's rhetoric when it comes to welfare programs. The federal budget, when it comes to welfare programs, can't be cut. It must grow.

They take this as an article of faith, meaning the number of people receiving welfare currently is the minimum right number; they all need it. And if we're going to do anything with welfare funding, it ought to be expanded.

There can be no discussion about where we have currently set the bar for assistance. Anyone who raises the topic are called heartless.

But because we're unwilling to have that discussion, along with a careful examination of what the government does to people when it creates a growing and massive dependency on federal handouts, we're caught in a vicious cycle of our own making.

Federal welfare spending has grown 41 percent under the Obama/Pelosi years. It is spread out over 126 programs. But the poverty rate remains high at nearly 15 percent. There's a big problem in those numbers.

Nancy Pelosi should want welfare dependency to shrink, not grow. But as long as politicians like her, who have built a constituency out of welfare recipients, refuse to honestly talk about that we are stuck.

We have a wolf by the ears and we dare not let go.

There has to be a better way of caring for able-bodied, capable people other than helping them become permanent welfare recipients.

Let's talk about that this budget cycle.