Yikes! IRS official will take the 5th

It's just gets worse and worse -- or better and better, depending upon your viewpoint.

Republican operatives might say the latter because the Obama Administration has now changed it's story three times on who said what to whom when.

But for average American citizens, this whole Libertygate deal is bad, bad, bad. Now we get word that Lois Lerner, the head of the division that (I think we can safely now say) illegally targeted conservative non-profit groups will testify before Congress AND TAKE THE 5TH.

Stay tuned, folks. This story's just beginning to take off and it goes right to the heart of the White House and to outrageous abuse of citizens at the hands of the IRS. If we find out the president (or any of his political guard) had anything to do with the illegal targeting, he'll face jail time.