Batman producer dedicates diamond, spawns idea

A man named Thomas Tull, who produced the last two Batman movies, joined Hall of Famers Johnny Bench, Rich “Goose” Gossage and Joe Morgan in dedicating a new $2.2 million high school baseball facility at Maine-Endwell High School in New York this week.

Tull, a 1988 graduate of Maine-Endwell, played baseball there.

This bit of philanthropy got me to thinking: If you combined Batman and baseball, what would the opening day lineup and roster look like?

Here is mine.

(My lineup/roster solely is based on the Batman TV series from the 1960s and not the Batman comics or the Batman movies that Tomas Tull produced. So I’m leaving off Two-Face and Bane, though Bane would make a hell of a cleanup hitter.)

1. Riddler (Frank Gorshin not John Astin), ss

2. Robin, 2b

3. Batman, cf

4. Joker, 3b

5. Penguin, 1b

6. Alfred, lf

7. Commissioner Gordon, rf

8. Chief O’Hara, c

9. Catwoman (Julie Newmar), p


Batgirl, of

Aunt Harriet, inf

King Tut, c

Bookworm (utility inf)

Egghead, of

Catwoman (Eartha Kitt), if


Any Mister Freeze (closer)

Mad Hatter (setup)

Louie the Lilac (mopup)



Clock King


Marsha, Queen of Diamonds


Mayor Linseed