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Cedar Breaks a scenic marvel in Utah high country

Summer and fall are brief but glorious seasons in Southern Utah’s high country, where snow blankets the forests nearly half of the year. Cedar Breaks National Monument, located atop a 10,600-foot plateau, draws more than a half-million visitors during the few months a year that it is open.

Great Basin Highway leads to history, adventure

In Nevada, where it’s been dubbed the Great Basin Highway, scenic U.S. Highway 93 runs from the Arizona border to the Idaho border, along the way accessing historic towns, several state parks, hundreds of miles of off-highway vehicle trails and numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Dazzling display of color engulfs Valley of Fire

Nevada’s largest, oldest and most spectacular state park, Valley of Fire lives up to its name with its eroded sandstone formations and sand dunes in fiery shades of red. Changing constantly with the angle of the sun, the colors range from the brilliance of leaping flames to the glowing hues of hot embers.

Follow tracks for clues to Nevada's railroad history

Thousands of miles of track once connected Nevada towns with the transcontinental railroads. From territorial days to modern times, at least 70 railroads operated in the state, both standard and narrow gauge. Built to move ore from mines to mills, the lines also carried freight and passengers.

Native cultures clearly left mark on Nevada

Nevada’s public lands hold a wealth of rock art left behind by native cultures that developed long before Europeans arrived in the New World. Exploring Nevada’s rock art sites offers glimpses of the past and intriguing clues about ancient history.

Moapa Valley Wildlife Refuge protects rare fish

The Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge — the smallest of the four protected areas that constitute the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex — includes 116 acres surrounding several natural warm springs that feed the Muddy River. The little-known oasis protects one of the rarest fish on Earth, the diminutive Moapa dace, as well as several other endangered species of plants, animals, birds and insects.

Scotty's Castle home to opulent, colorful history

Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley National Park offers a glimpse into an opulent era in history, continuing to draw curiosity seekers much as it has since construction began on the Spanish-style mansion at Death Valley Ranch in remote Grapevine Canyon in 1924.