DINING: Trader Vic's short tenure to come to a close

  After about six months of rumors, representatives of the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, 3667 Las
Vegas Blvd. South, have confirmed that Trader Vic's will close, although the timetable for its ending appears to be uncertain -- or nobody's willing to say just when the piug will be pulled.
  The restaurant, which fronts the Strip, opened in late 2007. It may have been a victim of the chain's own storied history and changing times; while the local Trader Vic's had a sleek, sophisticated Asian vibe (including a wooden staircase, shaped like a giant undulating banana leaf, to the second floor) and menu to match, many people who remembered the over-the-top tiki motif of the '60s missed the bastion of bamboo.
  Trader Vic's still can mix a mean Mai-Tai, though, and for that reason alone we'll say RIP.