Sin City Sinners Pushes Back Against Killers In Poll; Fans React

Fans of the local Vegas band Sin City Sinners started emailing me en masse last night and this morning, after the band posted a message online bashing the Review-Journal after RJ readers voted The Killers as best local band in our annual Best Of Las Vegas poll.

I didn't have anything to do with the poll. Nada. And it was readers who picked the Killers as the best, not the Review-Journal staff. But it's all good, Sin City Sinners fans. You care. Here's your mailbag:

How does the Killers win over SIN CITY SINNERS?
The Killers came from Vegas and tour world wide now...they don't play 4 nights a week like SIN CITY SINNERS does in Las Vegas weekly...thats what makes them the BEST LOCAL band...they deserve that title totally.......

- Kevin

I just wanted to stop in and let you know that while the killers are FROM LasVegas, currently they do not actively perform here on a weekly basis and most of the members do not reside here. How can they be the Best of LasVegas then? Now I will admit I am bias because I like the Sin City Sinners So FYI, I think they should have won. the Killers need to be disqualified based on the previously mentioned information.

- Sandy

Does anyone really think The Killers are a local band?
A band like Sin City Sinners could really use the title "Best of vegas" and to finish second to The Killers is a joke.
Sin City Sinners play four different local venues a week and have been building a huge following.
The Sinners also bring in a national guest each week to jam. There is no way Vegas would ever get to see legends like Cherie Currie of The Runaways or Cheetah Chrome of The Dead Boys if the Sin City Sinners didn't bring them in.
Sin City Sinners has made all of thier shows free and played several benefits in town.
I hope enough people will speak up and The Sin City Sinners will be awarded the title they deserve.

- Jason

Something smells a bit fishy!

The Killers won First-Place as Best Local Band? Three of the four Killers’ members don’t even live in Las Vegas, they live in California. So much for Local Band!

Sin City Sinners is comprised of ALL Las Vegas valley residents.

Sin City Sinners plays FOUR local venues each week.

Sometimes what you guys do and how you do it just baffles the mind.

The Killers is a multi-platinum band that  spends far more time away from the Las Vegas scene than actually playing in the valley at all.

Sin City Sinners does more to promote music in this valley than any other band. Every week, several times a week the band flys in Special Guests… some of the legends of Rock & Roll to share the stage, LOCAL STAGES with them.

And The Killers win First- Place?

It just baffles the mind!

The Killers should be disqualified for being California residents…. Nothing LOCAL about it!

You have disappointed a lot of people who enjoy the local band scene in Las Vegas and I have to tell you, I am hearing a huge buzz going around that you have thrown away any credibility you have in making such a judgement.

Choosing The Killers over Sin City Sinners or any other REAL local band is so far off track that there should be an investigation into who made that decision and why.

Unbelievable! Simply unbelievable!

- STG2


In this poll you rated the band The Killers as the best in Las Vegas as far as local bands go, however, this band is NOT a local band, most of the members live in the state of California and perform a majority of their shows internationally. This does not fairly represent the true music scene going on here in the Las Vegas area.  It is my understanding that to be considered a Las Vegas based band, the band itself has to have been formed in the Las Vegas area, but also reside within the Las Vegas area as well. This should also include playing a lot of shows in the Las Vegas area, which they most certainly do not. Allow me to show you their current touring schedule as shown on their myspace page: feel free to verify this information for yourself:
As you can see from the following chart, this band has very few, hardly any shows in the Las Vegas area, so I am astounded as to how they can possibly be considered the best in Las Vegas when they rarely play here!  In fact, between now and October 1, 2009 there is only  ONE SHOW IN LAS VEGAS!!!  They truly do not represent the best Las Vegas has to offer... the entertainment is a tremendous part of the reason I moved here within the last year myself. Please reconsider your poll and you will see that so far, the best representation has got to be Sin City Sinners. They are going to begin to use local recording facilities in April to record their album, they do all local shows 3 or more times per week, and to make sure people can attend, they always make sure their shows are free. They do not have to do this, they choose to because they respect their fans and understand that times are hard and have chosen to make it easier on their local fans that live here, and those that may be coming in for a show, which leads to hotel rooms being booked, which means restaurants are getting extra business, which means stimulation for the local economy! That to me sounds more like a band that should be shown a little appreciation for what they are trying to do locally to help this wonderful place that  ALL OF THE BAND MEMBERS CALL HOME,  as well as many music lovers such as myself.
Just my thoughts on a rather unfair poll that does not truly represent the voices of Las Vegas.
- Rebecca

The Killers are not a local band. In fact ¾ of the band currently live in California.
Therefor they do not qualify as a local band.

At this point in time it is safe to say Sin City Sinners are doing more for the local music scene and economy than most bands, including The Killers. They fly in special guests on a weekly basis and make sure fans are admitted to all of their concerts for free. The Sinners also begin recording a CD of original music this April, here in Las Vegas.
The Killers are nothing like the local scene here in Vegas.
I am in a local band, and though we are just starting out, I feel that if the whole band does not live here, and the band does not need this town, then they're not a local band.  The Killers are a national band, they have outgrown Vegas, and should not be counted as a Local Band.
Thank You

- Anonymous

Good morning...
I was reading the Best of.. poll results in yesterday's paper, and while I agree with many of them (and found some new places to check out in others.) I'm a little puzzled by one of the winners... Best Local Band. The Killers? Okay, I GET that they're FROM Vegas, but last time I checked, a LOCAL band is one that plays quite often LOCALLY. (I managed some local acts back East for years.) When was the last time the Killers played anywhere in town? I don't think they have since I've lived here... Therefore, I don't think that really should count. I understand that supposedly the results of the poll come from the readers themselves - who knew there were this many mis-guided or musically clueless people here? 

Still puzzled...

- Jessica

I have a dispute with your pick as "The Killers" being chosen as #1 and Sin City Sinners only being #2. The Killers should be disqualified, as 3/4 of the band currently live in California, not Las Vegas. Sin City Sinners are a great band, they fly in great guests that many fans want to see, and they are currently recording IN Las Vegas. I think you should rethink your decision and pick Sin City Sinners, a TRUE local band. I think it would make Las Vegas just as proud as Slaughter did/does. Thank you for your time...
- Roxxi