The 'gold gilt' congressional health care plan

Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd said today he has been diagnosed with an early stage of prostate cancer. To set an example for the nation, even though the new thousand-page health-rationing bill they propose has not yet become law, both he and Sen. Ted Kennedy (diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer) promptly announced that instead of immediately seeking the best treatment available, free of charge and regardless of cost, as they have every right to do under their "gold gilt" congressional health care plan, they will each voluntarily submit their conditions and treatment options to a government-appointed panel of 20 bureaucrats, who will examine the cost and effectiveness of said treatment options for white males older than 60 years of age, and report back to them by next January as to which, if any, treatment options are allowed, or whether in place of treatment the two men will be required to undergo "end-of-life counseling," based on "long-term median cost-efficiency."

Oh, wait. That's not true at all. Instead, it appears Sen. Dodd announced he will have surgery early in August, that he feels fine and is "confident we're going to come out of this well."

Hey. Easy for HIM to say.