Local media offer lots to be thankful for

Column gods command:

Thou shalt use Thanksgiving for giving-thanks lists.

As such, our gratitude to ...

Dana Wagner: For occasionally blinking, disproving he's a zombie from Planet CreepMeOut.

Jon Ralston: For being a pit bull. Whether he wears lipstick off-camera is his business.

"Nevada Week in Review": For providing a forum where media people with faces for radio (i.e., most of us) get screen time.

Lorraine Blanco: For being hot. Period.

Steve Ryan: For having boyish looks that give all aspiring 12-year-old anchors hope.

John L. Smith: For smart, insightful on-camera commentary, and being an engaging conversationalist in the R-J lunchroom.

Gary Waddell, Paula Francis and Jim Snyder: For demonstrating that pros don't get more professional than this.

Local stations: For actually airing -- from 7 to 11 a.m., 1 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 10 p.m. -- something besides their own news.

Ted Pretty: For being an engaging personality while looking like he sucks on lemons for breakfast.

Fancy, flashy weather maps: For enabling me to intelligently discuss the detailed intricacies of why it's 75 degrees and sunny four days in a row at cocktail parties.

Local stations II: For vigilantly keeping little Cole Puffinburger's story alive (along with other local media, including this newspaper) until he was also, thankfully, found alive.

KVBC-TV, Channel 3: For waiting, on the night Cole was found, until after the Sarah Palin/Tina Fey opening sketch on "Saturday Night Live" to cut away. Otherwise, we would have had to hold Sue Manteris hostage until she did her Palin impersonation. It wouldn't have been the same, you betcha.

Las Vegas One: For being the through-line for local election coverage during the Drama of Obama.

Jon Porter/Dina Titus: For airing TV ads that were the nastiest, silliest, most exaggerated, most childish and most churlish of them all. And more entertaining than a barrel of congressmen. (With apologies for insulting monkeys.)

Crime and accident stories: For posing the question: What would local news be without you? About 61/2 minutes.

KTNV-TV, Channel 13's "Weather First": For not also being "last" and "always."

Jason Feinberg: For telling us about his cats, Itchy and Scratchy. ... Hey, have you heard what passes for chitchat on other stations?

Jeff Gradney: For soliciting sex partners on Craigslist, serving as a warning so I, uh ... others stop doing it.

Ron Futrell: For an uber-smiley mug shot that out-Gibsoned Mel after Ron's run-in with cops. Fortunately: No anti-semitic rant. Unfortunately: No reference to anyone at Channel 13 as "sugar ... breasts."

Gerard Ramalho: For being the most low-key, least self-impressed reporter on the air. Give him his own nightly newscast at 10. Call it News at Zen.

Happy T-Day, troops.

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