‘Pawn Stars’ cast counters autistic boy’s offer

The cast of “Pawn Stars” has given one young boy a lasting memory after being made an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Reddit user MrsLeslie posted on Wednesday a photo of a note Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” had written in response to a fan with autism who had written to him.

The boy, referred to as Little J, is a huge fan of “Pawn Stars,” set at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, according to MrsLeslie.

MrsLeslie said that, according to LittleJ’s mom, LittleJ wrote to the show’s cast and offered to sell them his GameBoy for $30.

“I added a cover letter describing J and his autism — and although I told them that I didn’t expect them to actually buy his GameBoy, I did ask if they could at least reply,” his mom is quoted as saying.

Harrison responded, but went one step further, enclosing $30 to pay for the GameBoy.

“I’m donating the GameBoy back to you for being such a loyal viewer, so keep enjoying it and think of us when you play with it,” Harrison wrote.

A spokesperson confirmed to the Huffington Post that it was Harrison who wrote the letter.

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