Las Vegas to host recovering cocaine addict convention

I’m not sure how stupid or genius this idea will turn out to be, but the 31st Annual Cocaine Anonymous World Service is coming to Vegas (um, what?) for a dry convention.

“That’s right,” the group’s news release proclaims. “A proud fellowship of recovering drug addicts will soon converge on the most sinful of all cities May 21-25. We are opening our doors Friday the 22nd at 10am to members of the media who might be interested in doing a story on the event.”

OK. Sure. Why not. I mean, Mother Teresa once said she asked God to send her to the place on earth with the biggest need so that she could be of the most help. Sooo, I guess that’s similar?

“We believe that many people outside of Cocaine Anonymous are very concerned about the serious problem of drug addiction,” the news release states. “We hope that you will find this an excellent opportunity to find out how a large (and growing) number of people have learned to help each other to recover from drug addiction, and to live a more spiritual, happy and fulfilling life ‘one day at a time.’”

If you want more information, check out CA.org.

And don’t be fooled by my lighthearted ribbing. I think it’s great when people beat cocaine. I hate being around coke heads. They never stop babbling about how awesome their plan is to start a new business tomorrow.

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