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Literary Las Vegas: Vicki-Ann Bush

Although fictional, “The Garden of Two” is based on Las Vegas author Vicki-Ann Bush’s experiences with young love. The centerpiece of the historic romance is a garden James Whitman commissioned for his wife, Elizabeth, “a place to sort outwhatever weighs heavily on your mind or heart,” a place he keeps tending to even after his wife is gone.

Literary Las Vegas: Ronald Getz & Kenneth Getz

MGM human resources professional Ronald Getz and his brother Kenneth Getz, an associate professor at Tufts University, teamed to write “Equal to the Love You Make: A Celebration of the Breadth and Depth of the Beatles Brand.”

Readers can dive right into ‘The Joy of Swimming’

Find out why you’ll want to cover your eyes if you visit an Icelandic locker room. See how even Michael Phelps is slow, compared to a sailfish. Get the real definition of a swimming hole. And find out why some people take bandages along when visiting a public pool in Japan.