Legends of West, books and song grace Henderson street signs

Names drawn from the pop music, television, movie and literary world can be found on street signs throughout Henderson.

Mark Hall-Patton, administrator with the Clark County Museum system, said developers were probably trying to think of ways to tie neighborhoods together when naming these streets.

“It really came down to:Can you come up with something that would either tie the subdivision together or make it easy to remember where you were going?” he said.

He said developers have done that throughout the valley.

“We have subdivisions for fallen police officers,” he added.

In Henderson, there are a few neighborhoods that follow suit.

Ever drive by Strawberry Fields Lane and start humming the Beatles song?

The neighborhood near Green Valley and Wigwam parkways also honors several Beatles songs with Hearts Club Drive, Lovely Rita Court, Magical Mystery Lane, Norwegian Wood Lane, Sgt. Peppers Court and Yesterday Drive.

Only one of the legendary bandmates’ names was picked up. Paul McCartney is honored with McCartney Court.

It’s not just the Beatles who are immortalized in Henderson street names.

Another neighborhood near Bermuda Road and Cactus Avenue features famous Western actors with Ben Johnson Court, Bruce Dern Avenue, Burt Lancaster Court, Kirk Douglas Court and Randolph Scott Court.

Two streets are named for John Wayne: John Wayne Street and Marion Morrison Court, which is Wayne’s given name.

Paying tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien, known for his “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, a subdivision near South Racetrack Road and Burkholder Boulevard has streets named for people and things in his book series. Shadowfax Road is named for the greatest horses of Rohan. Longshanks Road is an alias of protagonist Aragorn. Ringlore Road reflects the tales of the one ring. Strider Drive is taken from the name given to Aragorn when he was captain of the Rangers of the North.

Henderson has many other places with a naming theme from Veterans Triangle, named for people who served during the Korean War, to streets named for the metal products used at Basic Magnesium or elsewhere in the state.

Other areas of Las Vegas have subdivisions named for astronauts, perfumes, Star Wars characters and writers.

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