Here are a few things in news, entertainment and pop culture that we've been talking about lately.

■ The downtown Las Vegas restaurant Sidebar will reopen in December as the Mob Bar to complement the soon-to-be-opened Mob Museum. Striving for authenticity, the joint's gin will be made in Holly Madison's "Peepshow" bathtub.

■ New Yorkers complain that the potential danger of Hurricane Irene was overhyped. New Yorkers: Pathologically unable to count their blessings since forever.

■ Nancy Grace \u25B6 will compete on "Dancing with the Stars." Is it mean to hope that she's paired with a partner who loves doing high lifts but isn't very good at them?

■ Toledo, Ohio, police say a squirrel has been stealing flags from a police memorial. Yeah, an Obama-loving, bleeding heart, MSNBC-watching liberal squirrel!