Amazon to open North Las Vegas distribution center; warehouse to bring 350 new jobs began working with real estate titan ProLogis and city officials earlier this year to secure a property for a distribution and fulfillment center in North Las Vegas.

The warehouse property, located at 3837 Bay Lake Trail, is scheduled to open sometime in October, creating more than 350 jobs.

"That number will be higher during the holiday season," Amazon spokeswoman Patty Smith said. "We are excited to be opening a facility in the Las Vegas area, and we expect to employ a large number of associates in the next year."

Michael Majewski, North Las Vegas director of economic development, said the city will benefit from the creation of new jobs with real benefits for workers.

"With all of the doom and gloom of the current economy, it's nice to see a bright spot appearing for the residents of this great city," Majewski said.

The center will be used for assembling and shipping products ordered on the company's Web site.

The 286,000-square-foot facility will serve as the company's Southwestern U.S. distribution center.

Majewski said the majority of work at the facility will be retail in nature, with shipping and packaging taking precedence.

"That's not to say that there won't be assembly work, also," he said. "I'm not intimately acquainted with the company's intents or procedures. But no matter what, this is a positive thing for our city."

Smith said the facility will serve as a fulfillment and distribution center.

"A mix of products, from media to home and garden and larger electronic goods, will be shipped from the location," Smith said.

According to Smith, one of the company's primary reasons for choosing North Las Vegas as a fulfillment site was Nevada's dry climate and regional proximity to Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest.

"It's a great location, and that's why we're moving forward," Smith said.

Majewski said the city was contacted by Amazon officials in April to assist in expediting the process of getting permits, setting up fire, planning and public works licensing, and generally cutting through red tape.

"We were happy to help," Majewski said. "That type of coordination is a service that is offered by the city free of charge to any business, large or small, that wants guidance. Coming to us early on really can be helpful when working through the issues of zoning and all of the ordinances. It can be a big timesaver."

Amazon operates a similar facility near Reno, but this will be the first in Southern Nevada.

The company signed a five-year lease to rent the property, but if all goes well, Smith said she could see the center's presence in North Las Vegas becoming permanent.

"We're excited about another successful relationship with Nevada consumers and workers," Smith said. "We believe the arrangement will be fruitful for all who are involved."

Amanda Llewellyn covers North Las Vegas and downtown for the View neighborhood newspapers. Reach her at