Board denies Station appeal of labor practice-breach ruling

The National Labor Relations Board on Tuesday rejected Station Casinos LLC's appeal of an administrative law judge's ruling that it committed 87 violations of unfair labor practices.

Dawn Vaseur, a 12-year Santa Fe Station employee, said, "This is a tremendous victory for all workers at Stations. We hope this decision will lead to a fair process to decide whether to have union representation without management interference and intimidation."

In a statement, Lori Nelson, a spokeswoman with the Las Vegas-based gaming company, said, "The allegations brought by the Culinary Workers Union to the National Labor Relations Board are yet another strong-arm tactic in the union's ongoing campaign of harassment against our company and aggressive quest to organize our team members.

Station Casinos can appeal the board's ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Nelson said, "Station Casinos is reviewing the NLRB's decision with counsel, will evaluate the NLRB's decision, and then determine its next steps as the NLRB's disagreements with its own administrative law judge suggest that this matter may be appropriate for judicial review."