Brothers facing 40 years for growing pot

Two Henderson brothers face up to 40 years in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to growing, then trying to sell more than 100 marijuana plants.

Eric Medlin, 28, and Raymond Medlin, 31, entered their guilty pleas before U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro. She scheduled their sentencing for Nov. 29.

According to the U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden's office, a search warrant was served on March 29 at 1941 Ramrod Ave., Suite 100, in Henderson after a citizen complained about a possible marijuana-growing operation. Discovered in its confines were 50 pot plants with growing equipment, according to federal court documents.

The brothers also owned and operated Organic Releaf, a medical marijuana dispensary at 8545 S. Eastern Ave. in Las Vegas.

Two years ago in September, a federal search warrant was executed there and roughly 2 kilograms were discovered, including medical varieties such as "White Rhino," "White Widow," "Purple Wreck and "Sour Diesel," federal officials said.

The brothers, however, were not arrested at the time, although their mother, Caroline Dellevalle and co-defendant, Chad Uhl, were convicted of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, officials said.

In the March raid, the brothers did not have a valid medical marijuana card or a pending application.

By Nevada law, it is illegal to sell medical marijuana unless the sale is designed to help patients who are in need of it. But if sellers claim to be primary caregivers, then they must "consistently assume responsibility for the housing, health or safety" of their patients, as is required by Nevada law.

Usually when this is the case, the owners of dispensaries buy the medical marijuana from third party sources, they don't actually grow it.

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