Jose Canseco won't face rape charges in Las Vegas

The sexual assault case against baseball player Jose Canseco has been dropped, Las Vegas police said Friday.

Detectives dropped the case against the 48-year-old minor league player-coach, citing insufficient evidence.

Canseco broke the news about the police investigation last month when he a posted the name, phone number, place of work and address of a woman he identified as his accuser and offered to take a polygraph test on Twitter.

He vigorously denied the allegations.

“All media welcome to this drama filled event. Did i rape (the woman) or is she lieing,” he wrote. “Stay tuned to another day in the life of jose canseco.”

The woman named by Canseco did not respond to an interview request.

Canseco said on Twitter Friday that he would sell his polygraph results to the highest bidder.

The 1988 American League Most Valuable Player hit 462 home runs during a major league career from 1985 to 2001. He currently plays for and coaches the minor league Fort Worth Cats.

In 2005, Canseco regained notoriety after he penned a tell-all book about steroids in baseball. Although dismissed at the time, it proved to be mostly accurate in terms of the scale of steroid use in baseball.

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