Mother of ex-medical marijuana activist sentenced

The mother of former medical marijuana activist Pierre Werner was sentenced to four months in prison and four months of home detention Thursday for her participation in a family-run marijuana dispensary.

U.S. District Judge Philip Pro also sentenced Reynalda Barnett, 60, to five years of supervised release and ordered her to stay away from businesses that sell medical marijuana.

Pro allowed Barnett, a 50 percent owner in the dispensary once known as Dr. Reefer, to surrender to federal prison authorities by Feb. 17.

"I apologize to you and the federal government for breaking the rules," an emotional Barnett told the judge. "And I apologize to my sons, and I ask for forgiveness."

Her lawyer said she no longer wants anything to do with dispensing marijuana and cries every day over her actions, which had a negative effect on the lives of her sons.

But Pro told Barnett, "You went beyond the line, and there has to be a penalty for that. There has to be consequences."

Last month, Pro placed Barnett's son, Clyde Barnett, 22, on three years of supervised release and ordered him to serve 120 hours of community service and stay away from medical marijuana businesses.

Werner, 39, who has served two stints in prison for possessing marijuana with intent to sell, is to be sentenced Monday.

The three family members each pleaded guilty June 30 to one count of conspiracy to distribute less than 50 kilo­grams of marijuana. They were among 14 people arrested Jan. 6 in a federal investigation into marijuana sales at local dispensaries.

The arrests followed the September 2010 raids of several dispensaries, including Dr. Reefer, once operated by the Barnetts at 8975 S. Pecos Road. Clark County suspended Dr. Reefer's business license last November.

Storefront marijuana dispensaries are not recognized under Nevada's Medical Marijuana Act, the U.S. attorney's office has said, and it is illegal to sell medical marijuana in Nevada. Medical marijuana patients and caregivers in the state must grow their own.

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