Subject of Facebook dine-and-dash shaming in Reno jail

RENO — A man who was publicly shamed on Facebook on allegations that he skipped out on a $100 Reno bar tab is now in custody.

Officials at the Washoe County Detention Center said Friday that Saul Zelaznog is in jail on an unspecified probation violation.

Zelaznog became an object of social media scorn after employees of the Brewer’s Cabinet in Reno posted his picture on Facebook Tuesday. They warned other bars to watch out for him and linked to his profile so users could “let him know he sucks.”

Other Reno-area businesses told KRNV-TV they believe he’d also skipped tabs at their bars.

On Wednesday, Zelaznog told the Reno Gazette-Journal he planned to make good on the debt.

Pub employees posted on Facebook that they hope “he makes wiser decisions in the future.”